Writing a definite major purpose

Before You Set Goals, You Need to Define Your ‘Definite Major Purpose’

I am a healthy, beautiful, self sufficient, intelligent, desirable woman with two healthy independent children. When defeat overtakes a man woman the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit.

I can point back to a few things in my life that have impacted me greatly… and this book is on that list. Going through this exercise has given me a great deal of clarity. And since I did not believe it was possible, my subconscious mind rejected it and my reticular cortex simply failed to function.

You are a powerful magnet easily drawing forth the needle. It must be clear and specific. If you could be absolutely guaranteed of successfully achieving any goal, large or small, short term or long term, what one goal would it be? I teach myself to be happy and I experience joy each day knowing that what I am doing is being of service to others and to myself.

It has been probably 20 years or so since I read it last. I continuously attract highly motivated, positive, energetic, self starting, coachable, dependable, worthy, deserving leaders who are ready to step out of their comfort zones and take control of their lives.

How to Make a Major Definite Purpose to Achieve Your Goals

I am trustworthy, kind and patient and I attract top-quality people into my life. Plans for acquiring the object of your desire might change but the object of your desire should not. I asked each of them - How many items do you have on your list of the things the author told you to do?

Similarly, when you create a personal purpose statement, you clearly reveal who you are, what you want to do, and why you want to do it.

How To Find Your Major Definite Purpose

Frame or display your personal purpose statement in a place where you will see it. Here the teaching is one of Self-knowledge, integration and connection to the Power that I am. The second person said nine. My skin is radiant and clear and I have harmony in all aspects of my life. Over-thinking the writing process can freeze your thoughts and hand into paralysis.

He is Gods perfect partner for me and he complements me where I lack. As a result of my genuine effort, I am now experiencing the ability to make a difference in the lives of others around the world. Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that is necessary to reach your goals.

My desire was to care for and provide for my family. We got all kinds of guesses and some answers that were somewhat close. Expect lots of problems, adversities, and discouragement along the way. Apply the power of you Imagination and let yourself be Divinely Guided The Ideal desired by the corporation is a state of Harmony in which all employees are unified in the vision and purpose of the organization.

Many, many times in our classes, workshops, talks, rallies, and in our Master Mind Alliance Success Club meetings we have asked this question to those in our audience who had read the book Think and Grow Rich, What is The Carnegie Secret that Napoleon Hill referred to in his book?Your major definite purpose cannot be so big or so ridiculous that it is completely unattainable.

Your major definite purpose should have a reasonable probability of success, perhaps fifty-fifty when you begin. If you never achieved a major goal before, set a goal that has an 80 percent or 90 percent probability of success. (a) Write out a complete, clear and definite statement of your Major Purpose in Life, sign it and commit it to memory.

Then repeat it orally at least once every day, more often if practicable. Repeat it over and over, thus placing back of your purpose all of your faith in Infinite Intelligence. Aug 07,  · Download the full audio: mint-body.com HILL: Do you follow the habit of writing down your major purpose, Mr.

Desire, Determination and Definite Major Purpose… How about you?

Carnegie? CARNEGIE:. Goal Setting > Major Definite Purpose Executive Coaching and Defining Your Major Definite Purpose. Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of a major definite purpose in his classic Think and Grow Rich.

Definite Purpose Statement

Your major definite purpose represents the main or central mission of your life at this moment. Take the time to put together a definite purpose statement that resonates with your spirit. One you believe in and one that inspires you to be consistent and stay on track.

One you believe in and one that inspires you to be consistent and stay on track.

How to Develop a Definite Major Purpose

Desire, Determination and a Definite Major Purpose I remember well what I was doing when I read about these concepts. I had recently made a HUGE move from Dallas to the Twin Cities, gotten married, bought a house, had kids and was very overwhelmed with life.

Writing a definite major purpose
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