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If there are several authors, the PhD researcher must highlight his own scientific contribution on the first page of the chapter. Doctoral ombuds, appeal procedure and disciplinary regulation Article The responsibilities of the doctoral committee include: The evaluation takes place on the basis of two criteria: This report must address the following elements: Evaluation of the thesis On the basis of the thesis the examination committee can take the following decisions: Within SET the truncus communis is supplemented with the following elements: The result Thesis kuleuven online substantiated and recorded in writing and sent to the PhD researcher and the doctoral committee.

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The FDC can take three possible decisions: This implies that the PhD researcher needs to submit a revised manuscript and a discussion sheet and that some members of the examination committee will re-evaluate the manuscript.

On the basis of this report, the doctoral committee will decide whether the PhD researcher has completed the doctoral programme. Thesis vub psychologie Mait Lenaerts Optimalisatie en karakterizering van een formulatie voor intramusculaire toediening van slecht oplosbare geneesmiddelen.

Supervisory committee The doctoral committee appoints a supervisory committee for every PhD researcher at least one month before the first progress report see art. The executive committee proposes a supplementary regulation to the Executive Board which will then be ratified by the Academic Council.

The application procedure and the conditions that the partnership must meet are further clarified in the practical guidelines concerning the attainment of a joint or double doctoral degree at the KU Leuven.

The committee appoints a secretary among its members. The manuscript is accepted, possibly with some adjustments.

The doctoral programme is obligatory and must be successfully completed before the PhD researcher is permitted to submit the thesis and defend it publicly. The candidate must also have sufficiently mastered the language of the discipline in order to be able to participate actively in the research.

The doctoral ombuds is not competent for substantive problems related to the doctoral programme.

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The PhD researcher is informed of this possibility in the notification of this decision. Supervision and progress Article ZAP members with provisional appointment can be a supervisor if the suspected duration of their appointment is at least four years from the start of the doctoral period, tenure track ZAP are equivalent to permanent ZAP and can therefore be a supervisor.

Diversity plays an important role in the composition of the EC. Content of the truncus communis The truncus communis consists of at least the following elements: Own publications can be included as a chapter in a thesis, in which case it should be indicated in which publication channel the research has already been published and what the PhD researcher contributed.Content.

The master's thesis is the capstone project of the master degree. The subject of the master's thesis is determined by the student, in discussions with the supervisor.

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the thesis is not approved: the PhD researcher can submit a new or thoroughly amended thesis for evaluation by the examination committee in line with the above procedure.

If the thesis is not approved after the second evaluation, it can be permanently rejected. The master's thesis includes a scientifically sound research assignment, completed independently by the student under a supervisor's guidance. The student reports on his/her research in writing and defends it orally before a jury.

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ARENBERG DOCTORAL SCHOOL Faculty of Engineering Science Probabilistic Inference for Dynamic and Relational Models Jonas Vlasselaer Dissertation presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Engineering Science (PhD): Computer Science December

Thesis kuleuven online
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