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The whole story revolved around her and how the narrator saw her, which was as a caring and loving Nani. Lay selected the stories and edited the volume.

Karl is also shown to be very selfish.

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Lay, Graeme In Brief Graeme Lay is an editor and a prolific writer of stories, magazine articles, television plays, fiction and non-fiction books.

He could not be tied down, because as the narrator explains: Nani Miro also loved Saturdays, also known as Card Day.

The narrator also portrays Karl as a man with semi old-fashioned views. Nani Miro loved cards. Despite her oldness, despite her frailness and sickness, she valued family above anything else.

What are some improvements I could make? The narrator loved her dearly, and Nanni Miro favoured him also, telling him that she loved him the most out of her mokopuna and would scold him to get a good education so he could get their land back.

He was the book editor of North and South magazine from We are shown this by his taste in music he only played classical music and mostly, his old-fashioned views on the role women play.

We can assume his dress-sense is laid back by the way the narrator illustrates him in one scene: He has moved the focus of recent work to non-fiction, with Passages: These books and his many magazine features often accompanied by his own colour photographs on the islands of the South Pacific aim to modernise perceptions of an area that has often been projected as distant and exotic, and to place New Zealand intimately within a South Pacific context.

Lay has edited three anthologies in the popular Short Short Stories series Random Housewhich collect stories of words or fewer entered in a series of competitions.

Nani Miro is your stereotypical Maori grandmother, she loved her mokopuna and enjoyed the simple things in life, such as playing cards and gossiping. Lay has written and contributed to numerous travel guides and collections, including Pacific Pride: He has published several novels and collections of short stories, and edited many short story anthologies including the popular Short Short Stories series.

We are shown this in many ways, for example he made Justine do all his housework, he had to have the beach to himself and he deserted Justine when he found out she was pregnant, leaving her single-handedly raise their child.

Stay informed Subscribe to the newsletter and receive our latest news, features author insights, previews, giveaways, events, and more. Nani Miro is an important character because it is through her character that Witi Ihimaera illustrates the message of how important love, support and unity of whanau, is to Maori.

In a departure from the previous format, the fifth volume in the series, 50 Short Short Stories by Young New Zealanders Random House,features work by writers aged 18 or under.

New Version on Short stories, level one, improvements? An Introduction to the Islands of Samoa: Nani Miro is an extremely important character, whose world revolved around her family and friends.

A prolific writer of stories and magazine articles, television plays and fiction and non-fiction books, he became books editor of North and South magazine in Describe an important character or individual in EACH text.

Do you think I answered the 2nd part of the question this time? Karl is a surfer, he has traveled, he has different views to some, and these traits are thought of as attractive by Justine, a seventeen year old Kaimarian girl who falls in love with him.

This, and the fact that Karl is in his early twenties, might be a reason for Karl thinking he is untouchable and can do as he pleases without having to face the consequences such as getting Justine pregnantas he would always have financial back-up.

Explain why EACH character is important. She was a dedicated family member. He saw Justine as someone who could cook, clean and have sexual intercourse with him. Both insightful and a great read.Jan 26,  · Check out our top Free Essays on The Outsider By Graeme Lay to help you write your own Essay.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on The Outsider Graeme Lay. Graeme Lay is an editor and a prolific writer of stories, magazine articles, television plays, fiction and non-fiction books.

He was the book editor of North and South magazine from Nov 12,  · An important character in ‘The Outsider’ by Graeme Lay, is Karl Sikowsky, as his characteristics portray many traits of today’s young male drifters, and the negative effects their traits can have on the people who love them.

'Dear Mr Cairney' by Graeme Lay # crime and punishment # abuse of power # humiliation and shame # parental love Connections - possible themes and some suggested texts.

Being an outsider; One person can make a difference.

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The Outsider by Graeme Lay. Analyse short written texts. Context – General Plot. Use the following words to write a line summary of ‘The Outsider’ plot.

‘The Outsider’ is about Carl Sikowsky American tourist Kaimara Surfing Justine Love Slideshow

The outsider graeme lay
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