Sobies case

Kemp was selected to the National All-Star team in Paul was not the biggest or the strongest player, but he was blessed with excellent speed and sure hands, skills that any team would love to Sobies case. His friend Maurice gave him the nickname "Yogi" because he said he reminded Sobies case of Yogi Berra of the Yankees.

Not only did Bob hit for average. In they won the park championship where Frencl played against Eddie Zolna of the Bobcats. His playing days took a turn for the worse, however, when he suffered a back injury while in the Marine Corps.

During his playing days, Wicked Willie Pool was one of the most feared hitters in several leagues. She is now a senior at North Central, studying Elementary Education. In his mid-teens; he would be seen playing with the "Older Greats" such as.

Edward High School in Elgin. Not only was Bob a great softball player, he was also an outstanding hardball player. Of the many titles Holford was a part of, he remembers the title with Whips, because they entered the tournament as underdogs and had to beat some top teams to win that title.

He was a line-drive hitter who could occasionally hit one out of the park. He was a star, leader and anchor for the great Shooter teams of that era.

Kelleher also demonstrated his offensive prowess with a. Inhe was All-City player for Lane Tech, leading the city and suburbs in hitting with a. Rich pitched and managed this team.

Rich retired from the Illinois Department of Transportation in after thirty-two years of service. He is retired from the insurance business. After one of his dazzling plays, spectators and players alike would be shaking their heads, wondering how he did that. Ray has been married twice. Dennis played every position, but third base was his best defensive position.

Over his career, he was a consistent hitter and a tough defensive player. In the Sobies became American Rivet. The Blazers won the championship at Curie.

Besides finding great success in this league, the Flamingoes also finished in the top three in the Sixteen-inch World Series in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in Bill retired from playing major softball in for business reasons, although he did continue to play with some local teams. They are the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren.

He is a grandfather of fourteen and a great — great grandfather of ten. The rivalry between the Flamingoes and the Senators was always a highly anticipated rivalry, drawing over a thousand fans.

In he started a two-year stint with theAmalgamonsters in the newly formed Windy City Classic League. His softball career was put on hold in when he was called to serve his country. A natural right handed hitter, he played most of his career as a left handed batter because of a cracked right wrist.

Bob was on the team that played the first TV game at Soldier Field. In Crement helped the Dr. Wicked Willie Pool started his softball career while in elementary school with neighborhood teams, beginning with the Uncle Austee Stars during the lates and earlys.

In he switched to the Bobcats and was instrumental in their regular season 26 and 6 record, as well as their National Championship. Colleen graduated from Trinity High School.

Had power and could hit any line, especially dangerous in the clutch. In all of the years Floyd Glover managed, his teams never finished below third place in any of the leagues where they competed. After graduating he was drafted by the St.Longtime Berwyn resident Bill Bereckis was the “Charlie Hustle”of 16”softball, The toughest out in the game according to all who played with or against since he started playing for Triner’s Hall Rocky Stars in and eventually evolved into the Sobies, who won every major title in the game.

Sobies case
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