Scharffen berger chocolate marketing

There will be additional training costs incurred for the staff to be properly trained when using the machinery, however, training the employees will only be a temporary issue. Once the chocolate has reached the packaging stage the potential for a bottleneck may occur.

Scharffen Berger partners with co-packers who are able to temper and wrap their products at high quality levels which is important to maintain the premium product. With a new location it allows Scharffen Berger an opportunity to open new retail stores on the East Coast and increase brand awareness and an increase in sales.

One melangeur would cause a possible bottleneck, but by purchasing a second melangeur it will resolve the bottleneck issue.

Thank you for your interest in our brands.

This is a risky undertaking as Scharffen Berger has only had experience operating their West Coast location. Once processed in the melangeur the paste-like product can Scharffen berger chocolate marketing piped into a holding tank in preparation for its process in the conche.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As the premium product experiences rapid growth and a mass market retailers expressed interest in stocking Scharffen Berger Chocolate emerges it is inevitable that the company take swift action in creating a capacity management plan in order to handle the forecasted demand.

The ball mill will reduce the total production time it takes certain recipes to be produced in the conche. Assuming the ball mill will be able to produce up to 2,kgs every five hours, a possible bottleneck would occur in the melangeur as it can only produce an output of 1,kgs.

By adding this extra shift the tempering and molding process would be changed to operate 24 hours seven days a week to keep up with demand. This will save transit time and freight costs substantially[2]. With two conches the maximum monthly capacity is approximately 29 conches of chocolate.

However, when demand is increased there is a potential that packaging will experience an overflow of product and will not be able to handle the increased inventory.

This opportunity to reduce transit time can ensure the integrity of the chocolate to conceal the freshness. In order to understand how to meet the increased demand, research was conducted to unveil the problematic issues the company is currently experiencing.

The increased production created from the additional conche would force Scharffen Berger to add another shift to the tempering and molding process in order to avoid a bottleneck at this stage.

Additional Conche The first alternative that Scharffen Berger considered consisted of purchasing an additional conche and adding a third shift to the tempering and molding process. Need Chart here Breezys table???

The company must consider how they will keep up with growing demand while having enough capacity to handle the increase in production and maintain their high quality standards.

The purchase of an additional conche would force the tempering and molding station to add a third eight-hour shift, seven days a week to keep up with the added output. Insert small chart here.Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker Case Study The company Schaeffer Berger is a company founded by Robert Steinberg and John Scharffenberger.

The company specializes in producing the high quality chocolate utilizing the finest cacao beans available. Introduction: The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker is experiencing an exponential year over year growth rate of their premium product.

This is a situation that all new businesses strive for and although Scharffen Berger is pleased with their growth, they are facing a potential dilemma. 70% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Baking Bar 70% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Baking Chunks (by weight) cocoa butter (cacao fat), and may also be called unsweetened chocolate, baking chocolate, bitter chocolate, or chocolate liquor.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker

It does not contain alcohol. sugar. cocoa butter. Join the SCHARFFEN BERGER social community. Scharffen Berger, premium chocolate brand, is growing rapidly, and you need to decide where and when to add capacity in the production line and with what technologies.

62% Semisweet Dark Chocolate Baking Bar (by weight) cocoa butter (cacao fat), and may also be called unsweetened chocolate, baking chocolate, bitter chocolate, or chocolate liquor.

It does not contain alcohol.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate - Marketing

sugar. cocoa butter. Join the SCHARFFEN BERGER social community. SCHARFFEN BERGER is truly exceptional chocolate. Indulge your taste buds with these decadent recipes, delightful pairings and more.

Scharffen berger chocolate marketing
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