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Sputnik is a Soviet object, and Americans in the s certainly had valid reasons to fear the Soviets. Homer exchanges glances with Dorothy Plunk, who seems frightened by the prospect of a Soviet satellite.

Rocket Boys

From Rocket Boys to October Sky As you read this memoir, did you begin to feel as if you knew the people involved? How I Came to Write the Memoir: Instead of punishment, his mother saw a chance to help her son escape from Coalwood.

He also gives them a book on trigonometry so that they can discover how high their rockets are going. Although most of the women of Coalwood make the best of their lot, they want a better life for their children.

Everyone cheered as the rocket shot up in the air. Homer Hickman is the main character in this film and he dreams of a better life for himself. How can they help this to happen?

Elsie uses art—her painting—much as Homer will go on to use engineering. There is also Roy Lee, a good-looking, likable boy who owns a car. Are they feminists before the term existed?

There was more to come. The orderly said his eyes stayed open to the end and I could visualize those steel-blue eyes as they must have blazed, angry at the insult and embarrassment of having to die in the midst of strangers who did not understand the thing that was murdering him.

I had the reputation of being a fast writer with aerospace lore at my fingertips. The football players are no longer the heroes, and while they have not achieved the level of hero yet, they are better off. Why do you think teachers are picking this book to study and why are they writing Homer that they think it was their most popular class read ever, sparking the most thoughtful discussion?

Rocket Boys

All the failures, all the successes, all had to be experienced. Eventually he passed out and had to be carried to the hospital. In order to live in the town, it was required that the head of the household work for the mine in some capacity. Can you spot those themes? Instead of seeking medical attention, he devoted himself to his work.

But when the disease of the mine came for my dad, perhaps because of the greater benefit he had derived from it, it came relentlessly and without pity.

October Sky vs. Rocket Boys Essay

I had always been compelled to write. It felt Rocket boys essay strange to him to be called by this name at first. I looked and my wonderful little cat still slept on my pillow on the bed beneath the window from which I could see the mine and the tiny machine shop where the kindly machinist had built our first rocket.

Homer and Jim fought one another hundreds of times growing up. Shortly thereafter, Elsie married Homer Sr. Miss Frieda Riley, homers teacher, also wants the best for her students.

There is Caretta, owned by the same mining company that owns Coalwood. She had already done her crying. Before that, their hearts failed them. Active Themes Growing up, Homer and Jim saw very little of their father, because he worked long hours.

A sympathetic orderly talked to me, understanding that I wanted to be spared nothing. In his note in the follow-up memoir, The Coalwood Way, he wrote: The story continues with the Rocket Boys finishing their cape and putting up notices of their launches. Homer does think coal mining is a great life and it upsets his father.

Over the intercom, the school principal, R. It is wonderfully and artfully made and is very motivational. To bring Coalwood alive required careful crafting including, in some isolated cases, composite characters.BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- Homer and the Rocket Boys believe everyone can have a positive effect on their community and will be hosting a essay contest for middle school and high school age students.

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Whilst the rocket flew, it flew right through the mine, thoroughly upsetting Homer's father, and causing the boys to be banned from launching rockets on company ground.5/5(1). Read this Literature Essay and over 88, other research documents. October Sky - Rocket Boys.

October Sky- Rocket Boys The movie I chose to review was October Sky. If.

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Rocket Boys/October Sky is an excellent way to think about and discuss the many steps it takes to achieve a goal.

Sonny’s idea of building rockets starts as simply a dream, but then he brings in the other boys and even approaches Quentin, the school outcast.

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Rocket boys essay
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