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Since alcohol is a depressant, a small amount of it affects the human being psychologically. Laws are a statement of the views of society, and the increase of penalties given the clear message that drinking and driving is viewed as a crime against society" Tatman 1.

Studies have shown a decrease in drunk driving accidents since 21 become the drinking age, and people like the mothers of MADD seem to be correct in not wanting to regress.

Drunken driving stats confirm that increasing the age led to reduction in the number of accidents caused by teens drinking and driving Naik. Our writing service will save you time and grade. This is a negative prospect for overall state of health in the country. Many have asked the question, should the drinking age be lowered from age twenty-one to age eighteen.

Dean-Mooney criticized the initiative by accusing universities with presidents who belong to Amethyst of not obeying the law and contributing to the "party-school" mythos: When teens drink alcohol, they are more likely to binge drink than people above the age of But the other side of the debate, groups like MADD, argue that lowering the drinking age will not stop excessive drinking.

People do not realize it, but alcohol is a drug.

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MADD was founded by Candy Lightner when her daughter was killed in a drunk driving accident by a repeat offense drunk driver, and the 21 drinking age law was signed with the hope of curbing drinking by adolescents, especially ones behind the wheel. Sincean estimated 24, lives have been saved due to implementation of the minimum drinking age.

All sides of the debate agree on one thing: They get a thrill from breaking the law, which causes them to drink more and to drink more often. These efforts have definitely decreased the number of deaths due to teenage drinking and driving, but it is still a frightening issue.

Advantages of Lowering Drinking Age 18 is considered to be an adulthood age in almost the whole world. Our article suggests the ideas for explicating advantages and disadvantages of lowering drinking age. Though the drinking age is 21 now, it has not been this way for very long.

This argument has an underlined fallacy. One of the only choices a person does not get to make it the choice to purchase and or consume alcoholic beverages There should be one age of adulthood, either eighteen or twenty-one, and at the one age the person should receive the choices to do everything, including consuming alcohol.

In fact, it was only thirty years ago, inthat President Reagan signed the law into being. No law is going to take the excitement away that many students feel when they leave home during the first week of collegeanxious to make their own decisions and prove that they can handle situations like drinking.

The implications for this seem staggering to some —a soldier is allowed to die for the country but not allowed to have a beer? But in large doses alcohol can lead to alcohol poising, intoxication, alcoholism, coma and even can lead to death.

Bing drinking is the act of drinking 5 or more drinks within a short period of time. Coolessay in Other Drinking is an issue which is represented by a range of points that can be researched. The information you learn can be also used to prove your opinions or to make the prospects regarding the consequences of the drinking age lowering.

It has been proven in many tests that the drinking age of 21 works to prevent adolescents from excessive drinking or at least scares them away from drunk driving.

Time to Change Drinking Age to 18? Drinking alcohol can lead to unhealthy and be destructive to the body. In case drinking age is lowered to 18, the law for drinking for the underage will not be broken.

Personal view The argument for lowering the drinking age is comprised of: This would make drinking in public places such as restaurants, clubs and homes allowed, so teens would not drink in unsafe and unsupervised environments, which could often be life threatening.

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Although binge drinking is a national problem it is more prevalent among teenagers. So, you can search for some online discussion in order to see what opinions prevail among American citizens of different age. Lowering the legal age will make alcohol consumption less of a forbidden activity, which could cut down on the amount of alcohol teens consume.

For a person to drive safely, it is necessary to be alert, and capable to make decisions based on current incidents happening around. Definition of Drinking Age Drinking age is a certain age when one is legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol. And about half of those were alcohol-related.There has been much debate on whether the drinking age in the United States should be lowered from twenty-one to eighteen.

People in favor of keeping the drinking age at twenty-one believe that there will be less alcohol related injuries and deaths from vehicle accidents, as well less alcohol abuse among teens due to binge drinking.

While most of the world embraces an eighteen year old, or lower, minimum age for drinking alcohol, the United states is only one of four countries who have set the drinking age to twenty-one (Hanson). Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment.

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Research Papers on the Legal Drinking Age Legal Drinking Age Research Papers research the reasons why legal drinking age should be raised. When it comes to the issues of alcohol consumption and abuse, it is apparent that America’s youth are among the largest group of users and abusers.

“There is an extensively documented association between MLDA [Minimum Legal Drinking Age] 21 and decreased alcohol consumption, fewer alcohol-related problems, and reduced traffic accidents and fatalities” (p. ).5/5(2). In case drinking age is lowered to 18, the law for drinking for the underage will not be broken.

Research Paper Drinking Age

Alcohol consuming should be normalized according to the needs of society. As the age of 21 is considered legal for alcohol consumption, youngsters tend to violate other parts of law, such as making fake ID cards, in order to purchase alcohol.

Research paper on alcohol age
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