Pakistan a paradise on earth essay

Diversity is what makes it charming. The Himalayas divide the Kashmir valley from Ladakh while the Pir Panjal range, which encloses the valley from the west and the south, separates it from the Great Plains of northern India. Total length of Sutlej River is approximately km.

K2 K2 is name was given by T. The resulting Indo-Pakistani War of lasted till the end of Chitral is bounded by Afghanistan on north, south and west. The women wear full red skirts and embroidered shawls and the men pile bright colored turban on their head.

Jammu and Kashmir

It is encircled by a fountain pool that receives its supply from a higher terrace. I know very well Mr. Northwestern thorn scrub forests and Himalayan subtropical pine forests are found in the low elevations of the far southwest. Their buildings with eccentric architectural style and exquiste decor is liked by every eye witnessing it.

Posted on July 30,in ContentEssayswith 0 Comments Beauty of Pakistan My country is among the few ones in the world where every feature is worth appreciating.

Beauty Of Earth Essay

The rule of his descendants, under the paramountcy or tutelage of the British Crown, lasted until Kashmir remains an area of conflict until today.

With fruits ,flowers and aroma of every season, one is never bored even living at one place. Advertisements In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful A beautiful scene of dusk depicts a sweet picture of the universe, when the sun sets, and calm and stillness engulfs the loud voices of the day, I often see the birds returning back to their nests.

People like it for its natural beauty and simple lifestyle. A paradise essay can have the masterpieces of literature as themes. History teaches us that how much cherished the dream of Pakistan was and how seriously our fathers fought for it.

Above the tree line are found northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows. It is the tributary of the River Chenab.

Kashmir Valley

The height of moving dunes is between 15 and 30 meters. Montgomery British Surveyour with K stands for Karakoram and 2 stands for second peak listed in Translated to Englishit means: Hunza is ideal for mountaineering, hiking and trekking.

The total length of river is km and it is the longest river of Pakistan. India took the matter to the United Nations. These give way to a broad band of western Himalayan broadleaf forests running from northwest-southeast across the Kashmir Valley.

How to Find Beauty in Life - thinksimplenow. The Siachen Glacier and the bordering Saltoro Range first saw military action in when the Indian Army occupied the glacier and the Saltoro range to prevent Pakistan from occupying the area.

Khyber Pass is the lowest and widest of all; its height is about feet. The current position of the AGPL follows the general line:Swat — A beautiful tragedy. small canals irrigating fields and bridges erected on canals with signboards thanking the Saudi Fund for Development Pakistan.

its a paradise on earth, people.

Shalimar Bagh, Srinagar

Essay on Beauty of Pakistan Posted on July 30,in Content, Essays, with The enthralling environment attracts one like a areas seem to be a part of paradise on visit these areas from every corner of the world and become awe-inspired by the breath-taking views.

Jammu and Kashmir (/ Pakistan suggests that this means that Kashmir either wants to be with Pakistan or independent. Mughal emperor Jahangir inscribed Amir Khusrau's famous paradise on Earth verse in the gardens.

A map of the Jammu–Baramulla line. - The Good Earth Essay The Good Earth by Pearl Buck provides an excellent form of archetypal structure. A Paradise on Earth - The Kashmir issue has been the bone of contention between Pakistan and India since the independence of the two countries in and is one of the oldest of the issues present in the agenda of the United Nations.

Paradise Essay

NATURAL BEAUTY OF PAKISTAN VALLEYS SWAT VALLEY. Valley is covered by snow for seven to eight months in year and in summer it becomes lush green and looks like paradise on the earth. It is above the sea level. NARAN AND KAGHAN VALLEYS. Nickname(s): Peer Waer (Garden of saints) Paradise on Earth, a rebellion in the western districts of the state as well as an invasion by Pashtun tribes instigated by the Dominion of Pakistan, the Maharaja of the princely state signed the Instrument of Accession.

Pakistan a paradise on earth essay
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