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Well, it all began from that one simple task they gave me. We constantly achieve to reward them with superior experience and value for their money.

It also operates a laundry service provider. I believe that it would be better if these important notices are coursed thru facebook since most of the students are active users of facebook.

I am indeed so blessed to have my first working experience with these people who all have bright minds and great personality. These are convertible into an elegant ballroom perfect for large volume functions. World class facilities and services Crown Regency and residences provides all the essentials for comfort.

Our OJT adviser always keeps us in touch and he, somehow in his small ways, keeps us motivated and pumped up for work. And they all serve one purpose; to ensure your comfort and convenience. But what the people in Tidoso showed me is exactly the opposite. Indeed, I had a wonderful experience in my first practicum.

I also recommend this for the people who are looking for the best hotel for their leisure and relaxation. The company teaches the student not only to be a professional but also they will learn and know what is the real world is, how to have a confidence is career they chose Office practicum essay to appreciate the art of being a hotelier whether it is in kitchen, in food and beverage, in housekeeping and in front office.

They taught me a lot of things that school can never provide. Food and Beverage Food and beverage service is the serving of food made in the kitchen and drinks prepared in the bar for the customers or guest at food and beverage premises, which can be restaurants, bar, hotels, airlines, cruise ship, trains company, schools, colleges, hospitals, prison, takeaway, etc.

Drive — in hotels strategically located in key cities ationwide, condominium towers, and condominium hotel projects, indoor sports and fitness facility and soon more vacation destination in the island of boracay.

If I am to recommend something that would improve this program, it would pertain to the communication of important notices and announcements. With the help of my supervisor and the tasks that she assigned to me, I was able to: With all the experiences and constructive criticisms I had with them, I can say that I have grown emotionally and mentally.

My advice to those who will take their practicum soon is to stay optimistic and be open to all challenges and criticisms. He had certainly contributed a lot to my first practicum experience. Every detail of hotel will be found in front office. I was able to gain maturity and self-confidence, believing that I can… This practicum program did not only help me emotionally but it had also taught me a lot of important accounting and technical matters.

They laugh on everything even on the smallest things. All Crown Regency Residences rooms have: Conclusion Crown Regency and Residences can provide an additional knowledge for the students to be well trained and well discipline when it comes to professionalism in work environment.

The list of accredited companies, the yahoo group and the supervision and full support of our respective OJT advisers are some of the significant factors that made this practicum program a success. So after that incident, I am truly grateful and proud to say that I was able to finish two sets of financial statements with its respective working papers and notes, and was able to have an inventory counting in just one day.

Front office Front office is the first place you will see when you entered in hotel facility.

Office Practicum

What a great comeback, so to say; and that, my friend, is indeed an experience worth remembering. They did not only impart to me memorable experiences and insights but they also helped me in my growth and maturity.

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With that, surely, you will also have a wonderful, if not perfect, experience in your practicum program. Take that as an opportunity to learn new things.

Name of the Practicum Coordinator Presented by: They would also be more updated with those important notices and announcements since they usually, if not all the time, check out their facebook account. Take this practicum program as a chance to enhance and boost what you got.

King and sons incorporated operates national sales offices in Makati and Cebu City; it services clients in major destination in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and employs around employees. And every complain or request of guest can be found in front office. Add in our special blend of authentic hospitality and you have the makings of a great day.

Kimg and Sons is a major shareholder of this fast rising health supplement network company. Establishing itself asan extraordinary hotelier, the Crown Regency name become synonymous with the word comfort.

This places the hotel minutes away from the provincial capitol, historic Fuente Osmena and Guadalupe Church. Mission and Vision Our Mission Our mission is to be at the forefront of the hospitality and real estate industry in the country. The company still remains J.

WI —FI hotspot is inside the function rooms only First — class facilities Crown Regency is equipped with numerous facilities as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.Travel and Tourism Management Practicum Report Essay.

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Assessment of Practicum Program Essay Sample. I had my practicum program at AV Tidoso and Company, a one company I’ll always be thankful of working with. They’re like family to me and being in the office is like being in my home.

Assessment of Practicum Program Essay Sample

Before, I thought that the people working in the office are always serious, stressed and stiff. But what the. iDashboards - Office Practicum.

Practicum II for degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management Hotel & Restaurant Management Department College of International Hospitality Management De La Salle University – Dasmarinas Dasmarinas, Cavite Presented to: Name of the Practicum Coordinator Presented by: Complete Name of Students Date Submitted.

Practicum Experience Essay My initial reaction when I was informed of my practicum posting. Frankly speaking, when I was first informed of my practicum posting, I was really excited and eager to do my practicum. I became a student trainee of the Dean’s Office of the college of Education of this University.

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Office practicum essay
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