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This series of ranges varies in elevation from roughly 13, feet 4, metres to higher than 19, feet 6, metres above sea level.

Gen Farrukh Seir was in charge of foreign relief co-ordination.

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All of them were rushed to a hospital, reports said. During the war, it was India which first took the Kashmir dispute to the United Nations on 1 January They said they would take action against proxy candidates if any one dares to join the electoral fray with the claim of owing allegiance to either of the two parties.

Southern Balochistan is a vast wilderness of mountain ranges, of which the Central Brahui Range is the backbone. Good quality and satisfied with timely delivery. The Sulaiman and, farther south, the low Kirthar Range separate the Balochistan plateau from the Indus plain.

But Pakistan has consistently Kashmir day in pakistan to accept the Line of Kashmir day in pakistan as the border since the predominantly Muslim Kashmir Valley would remain as part of India.

Courtesy of the Pakistan Embassy, Washington, D. Kakrayal probe handed over to NIA: By the late s most Kashmiris had accepted Islam. Wildflowers blooming in the Hindu Kush in the Chitral district of northern Pakistan. Aftershocks[ edit ] There were many secondary earthquakes in the region, mainly to the northwest of the original epicentre.

The population distribution is dense, and the land is divided into small farms on which intensive cultivation is practiced. West of the Ras Koh Range, the general landform of northwestern Balochistan is a series of low-lying plateaus divided by hills.

The people of Kashmir and Pakistan do not accept the Indian claim. Pakistan defeated Hong Kong by eight wickets on Land Pakistan is bounded by Iran to the west, Afghanistan to the northwest and north, China to the northeast, and India to the east and southeast.

These include such towering peaks as Nanga Parbat 26, feet [8, metres] and K2also called Godwin Austen 28, feet [8, metres]in the Northern Areas.

Fat-tailed sheep, camels, and donkeys are raised in Kohat and Bannu; wool is an important cash crop. The Salt Range is an extremely arid territory that marks the boundary between the submontane region and the Indus River plain to the south.

Sting operation against resistance leadership a sinister design: Currently a boundary - the Line of Control - divides the region in two, with one part administered by India and one by Pakistan.

While the climate change has impacted the weather conditions of the state to a huge extent, experts attribute the increasing temperatures, less precipitation, heavy rainfall, prolonged dry weather conditions, declining snowfall, melting of glaciers to climate There are doubts about the very existence of the Instrument of Accession.

In Kashmir, the three main districts were badly affected and Muzaffarabad, the state capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir, was hardest hit in terms of casualties and destruction. Its outliers are spread over Kohat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Potwar Plateau receives modest annual precipitation, averaging between 15 and 20 inches to mm.

Thousands of men, women and children have been killed or wounded. The southern door of Sarvajna Pitha was opened by Adi Shankara. Four deaths were reported in Afghanistanincluding a young girl who died in Jalalabadafter a wall collapsed on her.

Pakistan The Himalayan and Karakoram ranges The Himalayas, which have long been a physical and cultural divide between South and Central Asiaform the northern rampart of the subcontinent, and their western ranges occupy the entire northern end of Pakistan, extending about miles km into the country.

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Although India claims that the entire state is part of India, it has been prepared to accept the Line of Control as the international border, with some possible modifications.

Kashmir was provisionally accepted into the Indian Union pending a free and impartial plebiscite. Gulab Singh died in and was replaced by Rambir Singh He second polling for next eight phases would take place on November 20, 24, 27, 29, December 1, December 4, December 8 and December Many slopes have been denuded of cover by excessive timber felling and overgrazing.

USGS Shakemap for the event " Several important rivers flow from, or through, the mountains of Kashmir into Pakistan. The banning of books and dissent, particularly when it comes to political opinions and aspirations of Azad Kashmiris, is a significant issue in the region.

The United Nations also does not consider Indian claim as legally valid: Seven people, who were helping the police and fire and emergency services department personnel sustained minor injuries, he said. Both sides must own their own injustices and rectify them, not only in the name of honest representation of Kashmiris, but also if they want to avoid further instability, violence and unrest.

UntilKashmir was part of the Sikh empire.Nov 23,  · NEW DELHI — Shelling and gunfire intensified on Wednesday on the de facto border between India and Pakistan in the Kashmir region, killing nine civilians on a bus one day. The Kashmir earthquake occurred at Pakistan Standard Time on 8 October in Pakistan administered areas of Kashmir.

It was centered near the city of Muzaffarabad, and also affected Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Indian state of Jammu and mint-body.com registered a moment magnitude of and had a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe).

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2005 Kashmir earthquake

A dignified reception on board Pakistan Maritime Security Ship (PMSS) “Kashmir” was held on August 14,at Port of Colombo, the event commensurated with Independence Day of Pakistan.

Kashmir day in pakistan
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