Impacts of globilisation a case study

New social and urban tensions worsened in Southern Africa by the twin scourge of crime and HIV Aids, accentuate the differences between rich and poor.

Restaurants and bars on the Southern Beach Front. The opening up of the country to the world economy has lead to growth in some sectors and to decline in others.

The resulting growth of technology as a major export has given new direction and opportunity to Costa Rica, but it has also presented new challenges to its educational system. Countries of most significance are those which offer powerful strategic prospects for the future and considerable opportunity for trade and investment.

Globilisation incurs the greater mobility of commodities, money, information and people.

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The implications for cities in Southern Africa include economic pressure favouring coastal cities, the hastening demise of traditional life, the loosening of the grip of the State and the growth of competitive urban regions.

At the same time bright, skilled usually young South Africans are leaving to find employment Impacts of globilisation a case study the rich Northern Hemisphere economies.

Globalization has forced these manufacturers to become world competitive and, in many cases, to play a role in the global strategy of their parent companies. Positive trends arising from globilisation are the decrease of poverty stricken developing nations, an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in infant mortality, an increase in democracy, increases in basic living standards, increase in access to education thus an increase in literacy and an improvement in the gender gap.

The impact of globalization on the Port Elizabeth Metropolitan Area has been felt in many spheres of the cities life, including its economic, social, cultural and political life and physical form viii.

There are a number of towns and cities in the province, of which the three principal cities are Umtata, East London and Port Elizabeth. The rapidly expanding cyberspace of telecommunications and the economy that it brings in its wake is the catalyst to this great change to a Tele City form vii.

Labour laws in South Africa are such that those few in formal employment are fairly well treated and are somewhat protected from the competitiveness of the economy by the power of the Unions.

The rate of HIV infection is estimated to be around 1 in 9 of the population. Culturally and socially nations are able to create and access greater depth and variety. What would you rather ride, a bicycle or a BMW? Financial institutions all view and implement business strategy in this modern day in a globalised market.

Tourism in the city has also grown, with the near proximity of the Addo National Park and the fact that the region is malaria free, helping to foster a growing industry xi.

The global economy has generated enormous pressure on the economy of the South African city by forcing businesses to become globally competitive.

Development and globalisation case studies

In Port Elizabeth the six malls that cater to this group are pervaded with the paraphernalia of global wealth. Furthermore, multinational corporations have invested money and resources at all levels of the educational system in order to better develop students who are prepared for a global economy.

This paper will explore the effect of the many forces of globalization on the Port Elizabeth Metropolitan Area and will attempt to draw conclusions relevant to other Southern African cities.

Globilisation defined as a process of interaction and integration of the people, companies and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.

At the same time vehicle imports have expanded enormously and have placed great pressure on local manufacturers both in terms of market share and of quality ix. Port Elizabeth is rapidly changing under the influence of the global economy into a spread out polycentric urban region. General The Port Elizabeth Metropolitan Area has a population of around one and a half million people and is a commercial industrial port with a substantial motor assembly component.

The city is also the centre of various agricultural export undertakings, including hides and skins, deciduous fruit and citrus fruit. Increasingly wealthy suburbs and upmarket shopping malls become the secured private domains of the privileged.

These exports are constantly subject to the fluctuations in global consumerism. The welfare state, never fully developed in South Africa, continues to struggle with the increasing mass of poor people while resources are diminishing.

Decentralised shopping malls, footloose industrial developments, a seemingly endless residential patchwork sprawl, and the ubiquitous paraphernalia of the global economy Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Shell, etc dominate the city. Economic Globalization Port Elizabeth is the centre of the automobile industry in South Africa and Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford all have plants in the city, and in addition there are many auto component manufacturers in the city.

Globalization has diminished the ability of politicians to respond to the pressures experienced by the people and has made it easier for those with means to live outside the immediate control of the State.

Since this time decentralizing forces have dominated the complex sprawl of the city. Abstract In the highly competitive and rapidly changing world, many countries are finding a need to adapt to a global market.

Impacts of Globilisation a Case Study of Australia

Businesses, cities and regions that flourished in the years of isolation are in decline.Development and Globalisation Case Studies; Development and globalisation case studies. From China to Brazil via McDonalds - read our case studies to help give you ideas for your own essays.

The Impact of Transnational Corporations on Less Economically Developed Countries. Globalization has effected cities in Southern Africa in many ways. The case study of Port Elizabeth is used to chart some of these changes. Globalization is effecting the cities economy, its social and cultural life, its political realization and its physical form.

Read Impacts of Globilisation a Case Study of Australia free essay and over 88, other research documents. Impacts of Globilisation a Case Study of Australia. Globilisation has both positive and negative impacts on the world’s population: Globilisation defined as a process of interaction and.

To embed this page, paste this HTML in website A case study on the impact of globalization and multinational corporations on the development of 21st-century skills and educational leadership Page 1. INTRODUCTION Globalisation is a progression by which local markets, humanities, and beliefs have become united through a globe-spanning net.

Case Study: The Impact of Globalisation on Ireland (developed economy) 1. Case Study: The Impact of Globalisation on a Developed Economy Ireland 2. The Globalisation of the Irish Economy • As a colony of the British Empire, Ireland gained new trade links as part of the Empire’s worldwide trade networks.

Impacts of globilisation a case study
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