Impact of advertisments on consumer

Russell and Lane observe that numerous organizations believe advertisements to be a magic as they modify consumer behavior about the product in the market.

Researches in business ethics covers all the functions of business thus it also covers the area of advertising and promotion. Also, they may prefer ads that additionally provide attribute-based information in the form of emotion as a benefit as described above.

From the point of view of a common lay man, what is the purpose of advertising? Due to the strong impact of advertising, it is the moral duty of advertisers to practice the code of ethics, during the promotion of their products. Ethics is one of the branches of philosophy Zubair, There had a time constraint which could restrict many aspects of research Impact of advertisments on consumer further elaboration.

It works in conjunction with specific product advertising, which increases brand awareness that fills certain consumer needs. The introduction of new technologies has set a new playing field in which advertisers have to be up to-date with new media such as advertising through web sites and also through mobile phones.

For example, the mood inherent to the ad can be characterized as consistent i. There is a positive relation between frequency of advertisements shown and emotional responses of consumers Bezijian et al. Bucklin, Randolph and Lattin claim that good brand advertisements attract customers who then as a result do their shopping in accordance with these brand advertisements.

Both the authors are therefore of the view that Advertisement is a major source for consumer to get detailed information about the product but it is not necessary that every product needs to get advertisedas is the case with many such products like Mercedes, Rolls Royce, who have sufficient confidence that consumers are well aware of their products.

Hierarchy-of-effects model says that affect of advertising results in the recognition of brand and the advertisement, which results in formation of attitude towards the advertisement and brand ultimately leading to buying decision Mendelson and Bolls, Illustrations Copies can be augmented with the use of pictures, photographs or diagrams.

All the developments and changes in advertising do not come without a price. This might not result in the purchase of snowmobile by himself but his positive word of mouth may get others to buy the product. Marketing activities affect consumer behavior both internally and externally.

Impact of advertisments on consumer

Promotions help get people excited to buy now because there is a sense of urgency. International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development, 1 4pp. The aim here is to convince the reader to buy the product.

As a result demand exceeded supply; hence there was no need to advertise products Holt, D, This is a shift from the old perception of advertisements in which they come in the forms of public announcers in the market, sandwich boards, flyers and other methods which are largely done by the proprietors themselves and these advertisements were sometime free of charge.

If advertisers expect that consumers will be experiencing negative pre-processing moods of high intensity due, potentially, to vehicle source effectsthey should develop ads containing positive moods and positive non-attribute information.

For example, consumers who are in positive moods upon exposure to an advertisement should encode favorable information about the advertised brand.

Effective advertising is actually the other name of persuasion and liking or disliking attitude of consumer towards some particular product or advertising Mehta, ; Stone et al.Oct 23,  · The Impact of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising also indicate that most physicians view direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads as one of many factors that affect their medical practices and their.

The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of advertisement on consumer brand choices. The result of this study will be addition of new information in our.

Effect of Advertising & Promotion on Consumer Behavior

Its primary tasks were to capture the consumer’s attention, identify itself as being aimed at meeting the needs of that consumer, identifying the product, and delivering the. ADVERTISEMENTS AND ITS IMPACT ON CHILDREN. Catch them young is the new advertising mantra. Most of the advertisements especially in consumer products so as to create lifestyle brand.

Mattel toys India which has licensed Barbie collection for developing kiddie shoes in India.

In India character merchandise. An Empirical Research on Misleading Advertisements and Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour Imran Sayed, Pillai‟s Institute of Management Studies & Research, New Panvel, India. Email: [email protected] _____ Abstract Existing research has documented that consumers can be highly vulnerable to misleading.

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Impact of advertisments on consumer
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