Human resources functions affected by hurricane rita

Commercial lenders and rating agencies are in the midst of classifying which properties in the region may have been compromised. EDRa national provider of environmental risk management information, searched its databases of federal, state and local government agency records, and mapped sites that could have environmental impacts in the regions affected by the storms.

All tourists were told to evacuate the Lower Keys immediately and residents in mobile homes were told to prepare to evacuate.

The teams treated patients during the response. This is also an unanticipated event that occurs.

Human resource development needed to recruit people again and train them again to have a successful staff. At the Agriculture Street Superfund site, for example, the reliability of the soil cap over the old landfill is questionable because of storm damage— particularly worrisome given that public housing and an elementary school have been built on the property.

The human resource management functions were affected in the Hurricane Rita. Above-ground vent pipes could easily have been damaged by debris in the water, compromising the integrity of the tanks below, and causing the release of contents mostly gasoline and fuel oil to local soil and groundwater.

How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita? The concentration of consultants in the hardest-hit areas is fairly dense, particularly considering that approximately Phase I offices operate in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama combined.

Also some companies did raise their minimum wage to satisfy the workers. A tank farm in the area reportedly releasedgal of crude oil, of which onlygal were recovered, leaving half a million gallons to be dispersed by the flood waters to the surrounding area. The extended influx of water in the flooded areas of Louisiana has made even structurally sound commercial buildings susceptible to mold.

All drums and containers must be located, even if they are no longer on the property that once stored them.

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Also of concern is the condition of the thousands of underground storage tanks in the flooded area. Phase I market annually. Traffic volumes did not ease for nearly 48 hours as more than three million residents evacuated the area in advance of the storm.

Some are labeled; some are not; and some likely have labels that are unreadable after being submerged for weeks. In the hardest-hit regions, the risk of higher commercial mortgage defaults, particularly by borrowers who lacked flood or mold insurance, could drive properties back onto the selling block.

We have no control over Mother Nature and when she will strike. The United States Department of the Interior shut down all national parks in Florida and evacuated workers in low-lying areas.

Police were stationed to assist with traffic flow.

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Finally, mold is a problem in the affected region.QUESTIONS 1. Which external environment factor(s) did Hurricane Rita affect? Discuss. 2. How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita? Environmental Impacts of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Hurricane Rita hit the coast of southeastern Texas and Louisiana.

Although Rita affected a less populated area, the storm nonetheless exacerbated the environmental impact of Katrina along the Gulf Coast, particularly in New Orleans. Below is an essay on "Human Resources After a Disaster" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Abstract This paper explores how HR functions were affected by Hurricane Rita. The Human resource function was affected by Hurricane Rita on the following maters: The external environment has been changed due to an unanticipated event that had direct influence on the Labor market, Competition & Custumer and there for it influence the 5 functional areas of the HRM.

HRM Incident 1: HR after a Disaster 1) How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita? Due to a lack of workers, and trying to reestablish life in the southwest of Louisiana, human resource functions changed dramatically.

Because of how society changed, the norms of business rules and regulations were no longer viable in that situation%(8). affect Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. Which external environment factor(s) did Hurricane Rita affect?

Discuss. 2.

Hurricane Rita

How were the human resource functions affected by Hurricane Rita? 3. Do you believe that the HR situation described regarding Hurricane Rita would be typical in a disaster?

Human resources functions affected by hurricane rita
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