End of year writing activities middle school

The Teacher Report: Fun End-of-Year Assignments

Break your students into groups and have them create and perform musical numbers commemorating the year. Our group enthusiastically assumes roles. They decorate the front, and friends sign the back. Included are free student award certificates to print off and use in your classroom.

Top 12 Effective End of the Year Activities

Spend quality time with your students during the last days of school with these fun year-end activities for middle school students. Hire a moon jump, a cotton candy machine and cook a few hot dogs, popcorn or nachos and your students will lose themselves in carnival fun.

Also, review behavior expectations with students before leaving campus. Set up a cool-down area where students can stay hydrated in the shade. For older students, evaluating the course can be valuable on many levels. Scope out DJs who will volunteer their time or work at a minimal fee, decide on a charity your students would like to sponsor and set some ground rules, such as ten-minute breaks, the length of the dance and cycles of chaperones.

If they need more time on writing, have them write profiles of their favorite TV stars or even write their own autobiographies. Field Trips Plan a fun getaway to the movies, a swim at a public pool, a game of miniature golf, bowling, roller skating or any enjoyable getaway with your students.

If you just want to print them off, download the PDF version of the student award certificates. Here are some of our favorite ideas. Finally, have access to plenty of water so kids can stay hydrated no matter where they have their field trip fun day.

Potato sack races, egg rolls, tug of war games, relay races, hula-hoop marathons, volleyball and hacky sack contests are just a few ideas. We have board games like Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Boggle, chess, and checkers. I try to spread this out over a whole day, gradually building up to the larger items such as our birthday chair, my hand painted stool, my own personal items, and finally, our class art project.

We organize by homerooms and walk from the plaza back to school. Then they glue the scoops attaching them to the cone. Why not… Teach that fun unit you never have time for. Video Yearbook Scan your collection of pictures from the school year and assemble them into a memorable video yearbook using a program such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for Macs.

We only get about 12 minutes with them; however, I take advantage of this time to get a three-minute writing sample from them, so that I go into summer vacation with some data to help me identify instructional needs.Tags: Elyse Scott end of school end of year activities last days of school last weeks of school school year summer break MiddleWeb And be sure to subscribe to MiddleWeb SmartBrief for the latest middle grades news & commentary from around the USA.

End of Year Reading & Writing Activities for Middle School

Find this Pin and more on Classroom-End of Year Activities by Ashley Ann. Great idea for a class photo! Take photo of each student holding a sign saying what they want to be when they grow up. Create collage for yearbook page or just because. For extra fun add props to match classroom theme.

Teacher gift idea, auction idea, family photo idea, etc. The school year is almost over.

End of the Year Activities and Lesson Plans

There, we said it. And after you go grab a paper bag to breathe into while you contemplate all the things you still need to get done this year (deep breaths), read on to find creative ideas for year-end lessons that will get your students reflecting about all of the great things they accomplished in the last.

End-of-the-Year Activities Roundup! Grab the ultimate end of the school year resource guide for teachers! Wrapping Up the School Year in Just 3 Days! ★ Fun Games and Activities for Middle School.

Looking for some activities for the last day of school? Try these printable worksheets, writing prompts, and activities!

Most of the worksheets on this page align with the Common Core Standards. To see CCSS connections, simply click the common core icon. Find a Student Who Game FREE Students. Seven End-of-the-Year Writing Prompts for High School Seniors As your seniors begin the last few weeks of their high school careers, they will probably be experiencing many emotions.

Excited to graduate, stressed for finals, anxious to begin a new life.

End of year writing activities middle school
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