Autobiography on rose flower

How much I love You, oh Jesus!

St Gemma Galgani

Her presence quickly put me in a state of recollection, and then, as often happens, I lost my senses, and I found myself, I think, with Our Lady of Sorrows. Come, draw near to Me, you are my daughter. Blair, Publisher Blue Balls: At that moment Jesus appeared with all His wounds open, but blood no longer came out of those wounds.

My God, my God, I love You. Jesus, I want them all to be saved.

They have all been opened for your sins. Turner Fever Streak Press After about two hours had passed I arose. The Next Digital Scholar: What would become of me if I did not dedicate all my affections to the Sacred Host? Making Sense of Intersex: I thank you; but why do You behave so lovingly while I offend You with such ingratitude?

O Heart of Jesus! Jesus, as soon as he arrived on my tongue the cause so often of so many sinsmade Himself felt immediately. If you did not know me you might be excused; but you know me well enough! Oh, when I see Jesus in tears it pierces my heart.

Rutherford, and Robert J.

I felt stunned that so many could stay so close to Jesus and not be reduced to ashes. What would I not do for Jesus! Rite of Passage Press That morning I complained to Jesus about this and He, always so good and tender, said to me: You died on the cross; make me die too.

The Roses Underneath, by C. I continued to feel an even stronger sorrow for my sins and I had not the courage to raise my eyes and look at Jesus. Transformation and Continuity in Lakota Culture: It is a soul.


I suffer, My daughter, when I see that you forget Me. Cohen Congregation Beit Simchat Torah I lowered my eyes and the sight filled me with pain. Gemma alone can do nothing.

You will never lack anything, even though I have taken away from you all earthly consolation and support. And I, to whom must I turn? However, in the midst of this sorrow there was one comfort, namely, weeping. Please use the menu options on the right to view the articles that interest you.

Oh Jesus, if I were to consider attentively the great cares You show me, how I ought to excel in so many virtues! The Story of a Ritchie Boy, by K. Field Notes from an Adventurous Life:Welcome to this website which is devoted to Saint Gemma Galgani, the "Passion Flower".

I hope that you will find in Gemma a friend in Jesus and a very special advocate before our loving God. is THE voice of the Independent Publishing industry. An invaluable resource for both aspiring authors and seasoned writers who are interested in independent publishing, digital publishing and technology.

Autobiography on rose flower
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