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It is missing a verb or has the wrong verb form Example: It is missing a subject Example: While it may be punctuated to look like a complete sentence, a fragment cannot stand on its own.

What is better or worse? If you have more information to share, paste that information on the first page of your document instead. If the front door is locked, use the back entrance. Retrieving Your Reviewed Paper Follow these step-by-step directions for accessing a paper that has already been reviewed: A verb is missing.

Loves to lie around in the sun all day. Click on the Paper Review icon. Revise Revise the fragment by adding whatever is missing — subject, verb, complete thought. A subject is missing. Use the back entrance. Joe does what every day? Be sure to select the same course that you used to submit the assignment.

Joe is training every day for the marathon next month. Has not done any of it yet and weeks have passed. I forgot to eat breakfast.

Sentence Fragments

Rewrite Rewrite the fragment or the entire passage that contains the fragment. Sentence fragments are usually missing a subject or verb, or they do not express a complete thought.

Be sure to click on the same course you used to submit your paper. Our new landlord was expected to make changes, such as fixing the plumbing, installing a new washer, and replacing the security gate lock. Getting feedback is an important part of the writing process, but getting feedback cannot help if you do not apply it.

Distinguishing Features Here are the distinguishing features of a sentence fragment: Within 24 hours after submitting your assignment for review, you will receive an email from NetTutor letting you know your paper is ready. If the front door is locked.

Thesis Generator

How do I use the feedback provided? On the next screen, you will need to select your course from the list. Once you have received notification, log back into your classroom.

What did the teacher do or say? Weeks have passed, and he still has not done any of it yet. Such as, my brother was practicing martial arts. Joe to train every day. It is an abandoned clause Example: The tutors should review your paper within 24 hours and email you once it is ready!

Who loves to lie around? For better or worse. When my mother married my father. From there, click on the "Your [course] Locker" option.A sentence fragment is a group of words that looks like a sentence, but actually isn’t a complete sentence. Sentence fragments are usually missing a subject or verb, or they do not express a.

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Visit Ashford University's Writing Center (AWC) to improve your writing skills and become a successful communicator. Click now to learn more. Notice that this sentence contains the first reason presented in the thesis statement.

Remember that the thesis statement is a kind of "mapping tool" that helps you organize your ideas, and it helps your reader follow your argument.

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SAN DIEGO (October 2, ) – Ashford University has redesigned its online Writing Center to be more user and mobile friendly, student-centric, and supportive for writers at all levels.


Ashford writing center
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