Animal research and the anti vivisectionists

James Panton Time to stop monkeying around One supporter of vivisection says a BBC documentary revealed the benefits of animal research - and the need for tough arguments to defend it.

Similar campaigns led to the cancellation of a very similar laboratory project in Cambridge in Cambridge University abandoned plans to build a Animal research and the anti vivisectionists research lab last year, citing increased security costs after protests.

We need to win the argument for vivisection in the court of public opinion - and we need to argue against a climate of misanthropy in which animal experiments are seen at best as unfortunate, and at worse, as shameful and cruel.

An easy solution to the moral problem was to use animals in vivisection experiments, so as not to endanger human patients. And so, the numbers of animals used and the number of licences awarded continued to rise for a century, protected by successive governments.

The second paper was based on the same arguments about MRC research practices and remits as the first paper, but distilled and argued more cogently on a broader front. The unnecessary duplication of experiments on animals was also criticised.

No access was allowed, - whether Member of Parliamentmedia, public, or local authority. The committee, made up of scientists, philosophers, members of animal protection groups and a lawyer, said it was unrealistic to assume that all animal experiments will end in the short term.

This international day of commemoration is recognised by the United Nations, and is now marked annually by anti-vivisectionists on every continent. We stand for science, reasoned debate and, above all, the promotion of the welfare of mankind.

Blair promises new measures to restrict the actions of animal rights extremists rather than standing up and saying animal research is crucially important and must continue.

For example, the discovery of the different functionalities of dorsal and ventral spinal nerve roots was achieved by both Magendie, as well as a Scottish anatomist named Charles Bell.

The demand for more effective treatment shifted emphasis to research with the goal of understanding disease mechanisms and anatomy. Pro-Test has successfully met its goals of defending the construction of the Oxford Lab, increasing awareness of the importance of animal research, and bringing the public on-side in support of life-saving medical research.

Miss Cobbe did not approve of this as she did not want the Society to promote any measure short of abolition. Scientists say animal research ethically complicated, but necessary February 23, By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times Animal research has helped scientists understand human disease, and in some cases, develop cures.

This list included a ban on the use of animals in tests for cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol products; warfare experiments; psychological and behavioural tests; a ban on the Median lethal dose and Draize eye irritancy testsas well as other measures in relation to the administration of the legislation.

Animal Research

Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn were each sentenced to 12 years in prison for conspiracy to blackmail the owners of Darly Oaks farm.

The Lord Dowding Fund continues to be responsible for ground breaking medical and scientific research that does not involve animals. The report also pointed to the need for more detail on how animals are treated in the annual statistics published by the Home Office on the use of animals in experiments.

The Pro-Test committee, on which I sit, has bought 10 shares in GSK as a symbolic gesture of solidarity with its shareholders 5to demonstrate that we are not intimidated. The report urged all sides to improve the quality of the public debate by producing fair and balanced literature.

By continually defining themselves against animal rights extremism, rather than for animal research, government, universities and scientists are refusing to engage in the difficult arguments about humanity and progress today. The emergence of hospitals and the development of more advanced medical tools such as the stethoscope are but a few of the changes in the medical field.

Early in the film, the teenager was asked what he thought of animal experimentation. Ferrier won the debate, but did not have a license, leading the anti-vivisection movement to sue him in Pro-Test aims to counter the irrational arguments of anti-vivisectionists by raising public awareness of the benefits of animal research and creating an environment where scientists can speak out about their work and be proud of the contributions they make.The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is a national, not-for-profit animal welfare organisation based in London that actively campaigns against animal testing for commercial, educational or scientific research purposes.

Vivisection/Animals in Research.


Vivisection is the practice of cutting into or using invasive techniques on live animals. The term is derived from the Latin word vivus, which means "alive."Animal experimentation is conducted in universities, hospitals, military bases, agricultural facilities, and independent laboratories that are contracted by.

Adam Wishart’s documentary Monkeys, Rats and Me: Animal Testing - which aired on BBC 2 last night - was a serious attempt to get to grips with the debate about the building of Oxford University.

Time to stop monkeying around

Anti-vivisectionists welcomed the report as a vindication of their view that animal experiments should eventually be phased out of scientific research. The report acknowledges the enormous contribution made by animal experiments to medical science but said a "thorough analysis" of the scientific barriers to replacements must be carried.

Our mission

Pro-Test aims to counter the irrational arguments of anti-vivisectionists by raising public awareness of the benefits of animal research and creating an environment where scientists can speak out about their work and be proud of the contributions they make.

Anti-vivisectionists have played roles in the emergence of the animal welfare and animal rights movements, arguing that animals and humans have the same natural rights as living creatures, and that it is inherently immoral to inflict pain or injury on another living creature, regardless of the purpose or potential benefit to mankind.

Animal research and the anti vivisectionists
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